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Share multiple views of anatomy with your patients at point-of-care.
A point-of-care tool for patients and students or for use in presentations, Anatomic Illustrations from Natom lets you navigate through several layers of human anatomy details for major body parts and organs.

The application features different zoom options to give a range of views for each layer of anatomy. You'll also find descriptions for every organ and parts of the body, along with easy-to-understand information about major pathologies as they relate to specific organs.

Natom Anatomic Illustrations are open and accessible to all health care providers, so you can easily zoom and save the images for professional use.

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Callimedia is a market leader in digital, training, anatomy, and communications solutions for the health care sector. Callimedia specialized products and services are available for all health care sector professionals, including pharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment manufacturers, medical diagnostics companies, scientific societies around the world, training bodies, non-governmental organizations, and patient societies.